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About Us

Founded in 1995 and run by a former IT executive, Corporate Network Solutions is a National Network Integration and Technical Services Company

Who We Are

Founded in 1995 and run by a former IT executive, Corporate Network Solutions is a National Network Integration and Technical Services Company comprised of industry professionals focused on increasing the value of client’s technology investments. CNS provides Technical Consulting and Project Management expertise specializing in Network Infrastructure Development & Security, Network Implementation, Network Support Services, Remote Access connectivity and Application Sharing (ASP). The CNS staff offers years of experience in the Information Systems industry, and can assist clients at all levels of the network installation.

Our People

CNS consists of System Consultants, System Engineers and Network Engineers that design, implement and support the client’s information systems. The System Consultants strategize with the client to optimize the information systems used in their business. The systems Consultants design and develop project plans to implement new technology into existing network environment. The System Consultant helps define methods to streamline communications and increase operational efficiencies.

Our System Engineers

The System Engineers implement the network strategies and project plans developed by the client and the System Consultant. The System Engineers execute network integration installation and upgrade plans. The System Engineers are Cisco, Microsoft, Novell or UNIX certified WAN and LAN specialists experienced in multi-server environments and remote communication.

Our Network Engineers

Network engineers provide file server maintenance and client support to ensure network stability and a secure environment. The Network Engineers offer project implementation support, as well as, network and workstation maintenance services. The Network Engineers assist the System Consultant and System Engineers in delivering quality client service.

What Makes Us Better?

CNS has developed strong strategic alliances with major telecommunications carriers, acting as their agent, to provide local, long distance and bandwidth services for all your company’s needs in Telecommunications requirements.

Don't Be Shy

Drop us a line anytime and one of our team members will be happy to answer your questions

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